System 21 Credits & Records

Course Credits

  1. Generate A Request Code

    To add credits to System 21, use the following procedure and documents:

    1. Double click on the System 21 icon on your desktop
    2. Click OK
    3. Click Accept
    4. Click System Administration
    5. Type wcs as the password
    6. Click Credit Maintenance
    7. Select the program you would like to add credits to, System 21 or Quizmaker (GAP Analysis)
    8. Click Add Credits
    9. Carefully write down the Request Code
    10. Contact WCS for adding credits to your account +1-713-849-7400 -

  1. Student Record Transfer

    Transferring a Student to USB Flash drive and E-mail Instructions:

    1. First plug in your USB Flash Drive, let windows recognize the USB. Open System21 and go to System Administration, and enter the password “wcs”.
    2. Click on the Transfer Students button.
      Screenshot showing instructions on student transfer Step 2
    3. Click on the Insert New Disk button.
      Screenshot Step 3 - Insert Disk
    4. The Select Drive Window will pop up. Click the Drop down Arrow and Select the Drive letter that Corresponds with your USB drive.
      Screenshot Step 4 - Select Drive Window
    5. Click on the OK button
      Screenshot Step 5 - Click ok
    6. Click on the individual’s name that you need to transfer and Click Copy button.
      Screenshot Step 6 - Click persons name
    7. Once copied, the individuals name will appear in the box on the right.
      Screenshot Step 7 - Success is name appears on right
    8. Repeat steps until done copying, then click Back button on the Student Transfer screen, then click on the Done button on the System Administration Screen and Exit button on the User Log In screen.